Owner Of Stolen Car Runs From Police

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Usually when police chase down a car thief and arrest them the car owner doesn’t then jump in the driver’s seat and lead police on a second chase. But that’s exactly what happened recently in Grand Traverse County, Michigan in one of the weirdest stories we’ve seen since the wrong-way drunk driver called 911 to report a wrong-way drunk driver.

Watch police rescue a woman kidnapped by a car thief.

In a story we just couldn’t make up, a 28-year-old man from Luther was arrested after driving off in his recovered stolen car on the night of October 9, reports UpNorthLive. Oh yeah, and the car thieves were apparently his friends.

Police received a phone call from a gas station phone after a man walked inside and told the attendant his black 2004 Chevy Cavalier was gone after he ran inside a Best Buy to use the public restroom. When he came out of the store his car and his two friends he’d left sitting inside it were gone.

After talking to a dispatcher about his stolen car, the guy hung up and left the gas station. The dispatcher called back to get more info but the attendant said he was gone.

A deputy who was near the scene of the crime spotted the Cavalier, which was probably easy since hardly any are left in operational condition at this point. However, the driver wouldn’t pull over and instead shut off the lights, starting a chase. We don’t think a Cavalier is a good getaway vehicle, but then again this whole situation is full of weirdness.

Eventually, the driver wrecked out and both he and a passenger bailed, trying to get away on foot. A police K9 was able to apprehend the driver, a 32-year-old who was charged with operating under the influence of drugs, fleeing and eluding, driving on a suspended license and weapons violation for brass knuckles police found while searching the car.

As for the passenger, he was also chased down and arrested, having an active warrant.

Somehow, during their search of the car deputies missed that a third person was laying on the floorboards in the backseat area. That individual turned out to the be car’s owner, the guy who called 911 to begin with. He jumped in the driver’s seat and took off in the Cavalier in a rather cavalier manner.

In the second chase, the Chevy’s owner drove it into a ditch and was arrested. He told deputies he took off because his car wasn’t insured. Also, he ended up in the car when his friends showed up at the gas station to pick him up after stealing his ride. No, we don’t think these guys’ actions could get any dumber.

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