Kids In Stolen Hyundai Lead Washington Cops On GTA-Style Chase

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Four teenagers in a stolen Hyundai led police on quite the chase through Renton, Washington. They drove the wrong way, blasted through red lights, wove through traffic, and as local station Fox 13 Seattle notes, acted more like they were playing a video game than gambling with their very lives.

Thieves are using GPS trackers to steal cars.

With TikTok and other social media platforms allowing users to teach kids how to easily steal certain Hyundais and Kias lacking an immobilizer, this sort of thing has become all too common. What makes it worse is when kids face few consequences after leading police on a dangerous chase.

What started the pursuit was the teenagers in the stolen Hyundai threatening two children, ages 8 and 10, who were walking on a sidewalk. The teens reportedly showed them a gun, threatening to shoot the younger kids. That’s awful.

After leading police on quite the chase as a helicopter overhead kept tabs on their movements, the teens crashed the stolen vehicle into a pole, then bolted. We see this strategy deployed so often, with these kids often not wearing seatbelts so they can jump out of a car in a flash. The only problem is sometimes when they crash the car stops but they don’t.

Two of the teenagers were caught as they fled on foot. Police say they know who the other two were.

We’re not entirely sure what should happen to teenagers who run from police and put countless lives in danger. Some think they should be treated like adults since they’re committing adult-like crimes. Others think they need help.

Maybe it’s a mix of the two? All we know is this problem seems to only be getting worse.

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