Watch People Pour Out Of This Clown Car During A Human Smuggling Bust

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We guess when you don’t care about the safety of your cargo, you can fit six people in the back of a midsize sedan. That’s what an accused human smuggler who was busted in Texas did, as captured on dashcam by Texas Department of Public Safety troopers recently.

California is getting more traffic surveillance cameras.

In the footage, which you can watch for yourself, we see the driver slow down as the DPS unit catches up. The guy, who Daily Mail says is an illegal immigrant himself from El Salvador, but has been living in Pennsylvania, decides to use his cargo as a distraction.

With the sedan briefly stopped, he has all six people who were piled up in the backseat jump out and scatter on the remote highway. Then the suspect took off, forcing troopers to choose between him and the people he was transporting illegally.

Troopers chose to go after the driver, eventually catching him. He’s now facing charges for human smuggling and evading arrest. The Daily Mail says he disclosed to troopers that he was paid a “lucrative” sum for smuggling humans across state lines.

We know often it’s the drug cartels who hire people in the US to do that kind of work. We can’t say for sure if that’s who this guy’s employer is, but we wouldn’t be shocked in the least to find out that’s the case.

Oh, and his accomplice is a 16-year-old kid.  

What’s just as disturbing is realizing the guy’s strategy of having all the people pile out of the clown car couldn’t easily turned deadly. All it would’ve taken was another car speeding past right at that moment and several of the illegal immigrants would be dead.

The Daily Mail says authorities were able to track down five of the vehicle occupants, turning them over to Border Patrol.

Image via Daily Mail/YouTube

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