Maserati Runs From Arkansas Police

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Can the luxury Italian sedan beat the fuzz?

We’ve seen all kinds of cars used to run from the cops, including gutless wonders like Hyundai Elantras and Ford Escapes. However, it’s not often you see a Maserati make a run for it, probably because there aren’t too many on US roads. In the video we’ve included, you get to see some suspects put one of these Italian luxury sedans through its paces in an attempt to ditch an Arkansas State Police trooper, making for quite the interesting chase.

Keep your eyes peeled for a stolen Corvette pictured here.

Everything started when the trooper ran the plate for the Maserati and it came back as registered to a Kia Optima. We’re not saying the Maserati was stolen, but it’s often the case that criminals will take the tags from one vehicle and put them on something they or someone else boosted to throw off the cops. Thanks to plate readers and other modern technology, this is throwing off the fuzz less and less, but people are still trying it.

At first the driver looks like he’s angling to pull the Maserati over. He exits the highway he was on, slows down, but as he reaches the intersection at the bottom of the exit ramp he guns it, goes the wrong way through a turn, and gets back on the highway going the opposite direction.

Undoubtedly, the suspect figured his ride was much faster than the Dodge Charger Pursuit the trooper was driving. While the Mopar police car doesn’t have much trouble accelerating to keep up with the Maserati at first, the suspect’s car doesn’t have a speed limiter like the trooper’s car. Heavy traffic and people’s apparently inability to pull off to the right when a cop is approaching hampers the trooper’s ability to keep the pursuit even remotely tight.

The mighty power of the radio and dispatch makes this chase interesting as more cops jump in to make a bust. That’s when the suspects exits the highway and decides to go on the less predictable surface streets. Unable to shake the cops, the suspect blasts down the bare median at speeds over 130 mph, ripping past oncoming traffic only a few feet away.

Transitioning to a two-lane country road, the suspect doesn’t give himself much room for error and ends up putting the Maserati on the opposite shoulder. As the second unit approaches, the lead cop tries keeping the Italian sedan from re-entering the road. Still, the suspect muscles his way back onto the pavement and the trooper collides with him head-on. Although it’s a glancing blow, that’s enough to bring the chase to an end. The suspect appears to have sustained an injury to his left eye and from the audio didn’t seem to be cooperating with commands from the trooper. Yet again, we see you shouldn’t run from the cops, especially Arkansas State Police.

Watch the video (warning: language):

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