Be On The Lookout For A Stolen C7 Corvette

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Let’s come together as car people and find this woman’s car.

Recently, a woman had her car taken right out from under her in a brutal display of entitlement on the behalf of the car thieves. A beautiful seventh generation white convertible Corvette with black wheels and a bright red interior, it’s about as noticeable as one can get. Now she’s asking for help from anybody who can identify where her car is or who might’ve taken it, but there’s one problem. Just like so many of these thefts we see, it seems to have been a bit of a random crime which means that the usual list of suspects is void, so it’s up to car people to keep an eye out if she is to get her car back.

Watch a cop PIT a suspect hard here.

It all happened so fast, she needed to get air for her tire in a busy parking lot so she did as almost anybody else would. She got out of the car and began putting air in the tire. Little did she know, there was an SUV lurking in the background waiting for their opportunity to take the car. So, the second she wasn’t looking, that’s exactly what they did as someone jumped out of the SUV and into the driver seat of her Corvette.

As is the case with any car theft, it’s a very financially hurtful crime as the victims are usually out tens of thousands of dollars, in this case at least $60,000. However, there is a bright side, the vehicle is so unique and flamboyant that it’s very likely for someone on the various social media sites that she has asked on, including one called Nextdoor, may indeed find the vehicle. Once it’s spotted, it’s only a matter of getting the location and sending it through the woman so that she can get her car back. Until then, enthusiasts and fellow car people are urged to keep an eye out as they’re the ones who would actually pay attention to the little details in the first place, and hopefully this woman will have her car back sometime in the near future with legal repercussions coming the way of the thieves.

Source: News Channel 3

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