Woman Says She Bought Stolen Car Online

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But the details don’t add up.

Getting pulled over by the police is never a pleasant situation for you or the officer. However, it’s even worse when you’re driving a car that’s been reported as stolen. That’s exactly the situation a couple in Monroe County, Michigan found themselves in recently.

See what waiting at a car charger in an empty parking lot can be like here.

The 38-year-old woman, who was driving, told officers she purchased the vehicle from someone on Facebook and acted shocked to learn it was reported stolen out of Detroit. However, paperwork in the car didn’t match up, leading police to conclude she at least knew everything wasn’t on the up and up.

While the situation was bad, the husband made things far worse after police ordered her out of the vehicle. He also exited, walking from the passenger side to the driver’s side to confront officers as they took his wife into custody. The man had been warned to stay in the car and when police tried taking him into custody, he resisted, reportedly injuring two officers.

Police hate when you resist arrest, so that’s a guaranteed way to escalate a situation and put everyone in danger. The guy tried to say he was just trying to give the car keys to his wife, but badgecam footage shows a little more than that was going on.

Car theft has been a huge issue in the Detroit metro area for years, just like in other big cities. While people want to believe stolen vehicles are immediately shipped far away or chopped up and the parts sold, that’s not always the case. Sometimes they stay in the area and are sold for a screaming deal. However, if you’re car shopping and you notice a vehicle is far cheaper than it should be, plus you’re being sold the plate and obviously fake registration documents, you should know exactly what’s going on.

Watch police footage of the incident here.

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