Guy Riding Motorcycle In Flip Flops Runs From Police

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We don’t know who needs to hear this, but riding any kind of motorcycle while wearing flip flops is one of the stupidest ideas. Even wearing tennis shoes while riding can be pretty dumb, but flip flops provide not even a semblance of protection, plus can get caught on things and create quite the hazard. We don’t even drive cars wearing them. But we shouldn’t be surprised this guy riding an Indian Scout in Arkansas while wearing a pair of flip flops also thought running from a state trooper was a good idea.

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Some people just love making a bad situation far worse and often do so with a split-second decision. Before that, he was traveling the opposite direction when the trooper turned around and pulled him over. While the guy did get onto the shoulder quickly, he did a big no-no and turned around while waiting for the trooper to exit his vehicle. Cops really don’t like when you act annoyed at being pulled over for a number of reasons, mostly because they know this behavior is usually a precursor to stupid decisions.

Stupid decision number three (after the choice to wear flip flops and acting annoyed for being pulled over) was this guy keeping his bike running as he waited. Right after exiting his car, the trooper barked at the rider to turn it off. This guy has already made the cop pretty mad, but what he does next just sends things spinning out of control.

Just like that, instead of turning off the engine he flipped the kickstand up and took off. A motorcycle can be difficult to catch in a busy, crowded city, but out on open roads that advantage is all but lost. This suspect decided to use speed as his main weapon and he does go well over 100 mph to try getting away.

But the trooper catches up to him with relative ease. Next, the suspect tries to use traffic in both lanes against the trooper, but through some miracle people move over as they see the emergency lights and hear the siren. It is quite amazing and allows the ASP trooper to keep up no problem.

The ASP trooper also realizes the guy is riding in the direction of his house. It’s like this suspect thinks he’s anonymous even though he has a plate on the bike and his face is captured on the dashcam footage. What do you expect from someone who rides wearing flip flops?

During the chase, the guy keeps pointing to this left, trying to get the trooper to pull up next to him. His gestures are pretty erratic and so is his speed as he fluctuates between riding slow and really letting his Indian rip.

Randomly, the guy pulled his motorcycle over, shut off the engine, got off, threw the keys, and put his hands behind his head. Maybe he’d had enough of running and realized he needed to face the music. That would’ve been a smarter call to make when he was originally stopped because he really added to his charges. But the guy wasn’t done, with the trooper including in his report that the suspect said to him before going through intake “I’m coming for you!” What do you expect from someone who wears flip flops while riding a motorcycle?

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