Suspect Throws Homemade Bombs During Police Chase

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Unfortunately, police chases have become all too common these days, but to hear about one where the suspect threw homemade bombs out of his vehicle takes things to the next level. But to make it even more bizarre, this guy’s crime spree started when he assaulted and knocked someone out inside a church during mass.

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A story this crazy could only come out of a few difference places. Instead of Florida, this incident happened in San Francisco, California. The suspect, 42-year-old Daniel Garcia, has a history of violence, including bombing a car back in 2011, but he only served about seven years of his 35-year sentence thanks to a technicality.

After Garcia allegedly attacked a fellow parishioner, other people at the church called 911. When police arrived, Garcia jumped in his car and a chase ensued. During that, officers say Garcia threw out two pipe bomb-like devices, both of which exploded. Thankfully they didn’t cause any injuries, but police or even innocent bystanders could’ve been injured or killed.

About 30 minutes after the chase began in San Francisco, Garcia crashed in Martinez. Footage of the aftermath shows the driver’s front wheel had been sheared off the car, which usually happens when a vehicle clips a stationary object at speed.

The bomb squad was filmed going through the vehicle, likely checking for any more explosives which hadn’t been detonated. CHP told reporters it found items which appeared to be ingredients for cooking up explosives. Exactly what Garcia planned to do with that seems to be a mystery.

Instead of turning over a new leaf after being released from prison, it seems the guy went back to making bombs and acting violently. A former girlfriend told local news station KTVU that Garcia was extremely physically abusive with her, yet he could be incredibly charming. Now he’s facing a long list of charges.

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