Tourists In San Francisco Cling To Audi As Their Stuff Is Stolen

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Crime in the Bay Area seems to be just getting worse.

Shocking video of two men hanging onto an Audi as thieves drive off, one of them falling off the vehicle while the other continues clinging to it, has angered many on social media. The men were visiting San Francisco in the famous Marina District and were right next to their vehicle when some men in the Audi pulled up to their parking spot and immediately stole the tourists’ bags before racing off, prompting the men to grab on through the open windows as the thieves sped off down the street.

Is this person auditioning for Fast 11?

They were desperate to stop the Audi since the stolen bags contained $10,000 worth of electronics. Sadly, these victims apparently haven’t seen the videos also being shared on social media of thieves driving up to cars parked in tourist areas, breaking the glass, then stealing luggage and other items before driving away in just mere seconds.

One of the victims originally posted the video to Instagram and explained what happened. He said the guy on the driver’s side had grabbed the steering wheel in an attempt to keep the thieves from getting away. However, you can see as the Audi speeds off he couldn’t keep running alongside and was thrown to the pavement hard.

Another person broke the Audi’s windshield using crutches. If you notice in the video, the driver’s side quarter glass window is broken, so this Audi was almost certainly stolen. These thieves don’t use their own rides to pull off such heists.

While not shown in the brief video clip, the other man who was clinging to the Audi was also thrown off. The guy who posted the video claimed the crossover was going 50-60 mph at the time. He also noted both men were pretty badly hurt, one landing in the hospital with two broken legs as well as other injuries.

The guy goes on to lecture everyone about not visiting San Francisco as a tourist. We know some people will think these incidents are rare, but it seems tourists are being targeted increasingly. Everyone always thinks it won’t happen to them until it does, and by then it’s too late.

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