Police Chase Comes With A Husky Surprise

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A car robbery case took an unexpected twist after pursuing police discovered more than just the thief was inside. We’ve seen a lot of stolen car cases involving a subsequent police chase, but this is one of the most unusual ones in a while.

Seattle might be about to crack down hard on street takeovers.

What started as a regular morning for a man in Portland, Oregon quickly turned into a kidnapping situation. His Honda was stolen just after he loaded his pet Husky into the backseat in preparation for a visit with the veterinarian.

Just a few moments after loading up the dog, a woman walked up and just took the Honda Civic. We know this happened in Portland but who does that sort of thing? We can just imagine her waltzing up real casual, getting in the car, and just driving off. Portland is weird and people want to keep it that way.

The man called police, who responded and started chasing the dog kidnapper. Or dognapper. Or whatever you call stealing a dog. That chase went south on Interstate 5 until an officer successfully spiked the Honda’s tires.

Slowed down, the Civic was boxed in by police and the chase was over. Then it was time to arrest the suspect and hold a Husky reunion between dog and owner. When the teenage suspect resisted, officers sprayed her with mace.

Exactly how the 19-year-old female suspect was able to drive away in the car wasn’t made clear in a report from KOIN. It doesn’t sound like there was a physical confrontation, so maybe the guy left the keys in the ignition?

From the photo we see it’s an older Civic, so it shouldn’t have a push-button ignition. This whole case is weird, including how the woman even stole the car and kidnapped the Husky. We’re just glad the dog is okay.

Image via KOIN

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