Watch A Honda Civic Go 130 MPH Running From Police

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Normally, one wouldn’t expect a Honda Civic to give pursuit-rated police cars a run for their money. But one did after it fled from a traffic stop, ditched Ohio troopers who gave chase, leading law enforcement through five counties all while going well over 100 mph. If we didn’t have it all on video we wouldn’t believe the story.

Watch Ohio police chase down and arrest and 8-year-old for car theft.

According to Ohio State Highway Patrol, the Honda was reported stolen out of Columbus, which explains why the driver didn’t want to stop and talk to a trooper. The dashcam footage starts with a trooper waiting in the median for the Civic to go flying past in the opposite direction, then it joins the already active chase.

For the longest time, the trooper is just chasing the emptiness of the night, passing other cars that are thankfully pulled into the right lane and letting him pass (we wish Floridians would learn this lesson).

Finally, the trooper starts catching up and it’s apparent the suspect has been blacking out or shut off all the Honda’s lights so it’s harder to see. That didn’t really work, but a fancy move does fake the trooper out and the Civic exits the highway as the trooper keeps going straight.

Thankfully, radios exist and others follow, the suspect rapidly getting back on the highway, his trick really doing nothing. From there troopers dog the Honda, waiting for the driver to either come to his senses or wreck out.

He pulls some other somewhat fancy moves, but troopers seem more prepared for those. Most people at this point would realize escape is futile, especially ins a gutless Civic.

The suspect doesn’t get smart, instead running off the road at one point and crashing through a fence and driving into a snowy field, disabling the vehicle. Honestly, we’re surprised he put up that much of a fight considering what kind of car he was driving.  

Ultimately, the driver, 18-year-old Montez Deandre Mason-Warren, was apprehended and charged with two felonies, receiving stolen property and failure to comply with the order or signal of a police officer.

Three juveniles were in the car with him, but they fled on foot from the crash. One was quickly apprehended in a nearby field and the other two were located with the help of a helicopter. Part of the foot chase is included in the bodycam footage.

The lesson here is don’t steal cars and don’t lead police on a chase – both are bad ideas.

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