Seattle Gears Up To Crack Down On Street Takeovers

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As spring weather ushers into Seattle, authorities there aren’t just bracing for a new round of street takeover events. Instead, they’re ready to try out a new option which supposedly will help nab not only participants but also spectators at the illegal gatherings.

A sheriff has found a hilarious way to stick it to street takeover participants.

As KOMO News points out, a new law gives police more options when it comes to cracking down on street takeovers. But nobody knows for sure just want kind of a difference, if any, it will make.

The new law allows police to impound cars used in not only street races but also takeover or sideshow events. We’ve seen this used to great effect elsewhere since many people who are in this scene of illegal activity don’t have the means to buy another vehicle.

With the first offense, the car can be impounded for up to 72 hours. That’s kind of weak, but it acts as a warning. With the second offense, police can seek the forfeiture of the vehicle, so it might be gone forever. That might strike fear in the hearts of the takeover crowd.

We like how the KOMO News report at least doesn’t trivialize street takeovers. Too often in the past local news stations have downplayed their impact on the community, portraying them as essentially harmless fun.

The reality is street takeovers are magnets for other illegal activity, including drug and human trafficking, violence, and theft. Plus, takeovers do damage to city infrastructure and private property, directly harming the local economy.

Last year, there were shootings at some of the street takeovers in Seattle. That perhaps opened some eyes and helped people realize the events aren’t kids just having a little fun.

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