Seattle Motorcyclist Shoots Alleged Robber

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One witness seems to think the victim shouldn’t have been carrying a gun while riding a bike.

A 48-year-old motorcyclist was riding his motorcycle in the SODO neighborhood in Seattle on the afternoon of August 7 when two other motorcyclists allegedly tried robbing him. According to KOMO News, the 29- and 38-year-old suspects demanded the victim’s clothing and motorcycle. That led to the victim and one of the would-be robbers drawing guns, both getting hit in the firefight.

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When police arrived at the scene, which is only one block away from T-Mobile Park where the Mariners play, they found the victim and one robber with bullet wounds. Both were treated on the scene but no mention of their status or if they were taken to a hospital is mentioned in the report, but we’re assuming they required professional medical care.  

Police located the 38-year-old suspect, who wasn’t hit by the gunfire, taking him into custody. Curiously, investigators located three firearms at the scene, so we’re wondering if the guy who ran away didn’t drop his gun once he saw his buddy was shot.

Seattle is an interesting city where apparently people support the Second Amendment but think nobody riding a motorcycle should be carrying a gun for some reason. A witness to the shooting told KOMO News that very thing and we’re just not following the logic. Had the man not been armed, he would’ve lost his clothes, his motorcycle, and perhaps his life.

That same witness told a reporter that the incident was “disturbing, to say the least” and admitted Seattle has a growing crime problem that needs to be curbed. Sadly, as we’ve seen recently, a drain on police personnel and resources seems to have taken a toll on the effectiveness of law enforcement in the city that was at the forefront of the defund the police movement. It might take time before law and order are re-established in Seattle, so in the meantime shootouts and robberies might become more commonplace.

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