Tesla Trashed During Chicago Street Takeover

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Shocking videos posted on X (or Twitter) show an angry mob absolutely trashing a Tesla Model X during a street takeover in Chicago on the night of October 13. The thing is the EV wasn’t part of the takeover event and there were two people inside who desperately tried escaping the potentially deadly situation.

Street takeover spectator run over during event.

Exactly what sparked the attacks isn’t entirely clear, but we’ve seen street takeover mobs freak out over the smallest perceived personal offense, so it could’ve been literally anything. Footage shows pedestrians standing in front of the EV and sitting on its hood, trying to keep the driver from leaving.

The back window was busted out and pedestrians were actively trying to break the side windows, probably to get to the people inside. We’ve seen people dragged out of their cars and beat at street takeovers.

Eventually, the Tesla driver floors it and tries driving away, only to sideswipe a parked car. He maneuvered around that as the mob tried launching another assault. Around that time is when footage shows police were standing nearby, calmly telling people who were filming to back up.

Chicago, like far too many other large cities, seems to have done little to deter street takeover events. What many people seem to just now be realizing is these gatherings are often violent, with people getting hurt or killed. Incidents like this one in Chicago seems to finally be waking people up to why takeovers aren’t just “harmless fun.”

When you see police standing there and allowing illegal events like street takeovers to happen, don’t blame them. They’ve likely been ordered by the mayor to not do anything or face termination or other punitive measures. We admire mayors, police chiefs, etc. who have decided to take a zero tolerance policy with street takeovers and similar illegal activities because innocent people are often hurt or killed during such gatherings.

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