Man Caught With Stolen Car While On Bond For Car Theft

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Sadly, this doesn’t shock us.

We’ve never accused criminals of being smart, especially when it comes to car thieves. But some of them seem to be extra dumb. That brings us to a certain Gikwan Young of Charleston, South Carolina. The 19-year-old man reportedly ran from police in a stolen car while out on bond for getting caught driving a different stolen car.

Watch Arkansas police absolutely wreck a deported felon here.

One would think after facing the consequences of your own actions, you’d maybe try to do something different with your life. Young apparently thinks driving around in stolen vehicles won’t result in the same crappy situation he’s already facing. And to add to the situation, running from the cops usually comes with at least one felony charge.

The guy has not only been charged with failure to stop for blue lights and receiving goods stolen less than $10,000 (which considering car values these days means he was driving a real hooptie), he’s also facing a charges for possession of a controlled substance and possession of less than one gram of cocaine, according to WCSC.

In other words, if you need life advice, don’t ask for Young’s opinion. In fact, he’s setting a great example of how to go down the wrong path and hard.

If you do happen to make the extremely poor decision to get what’s obviously a stolen car from a friend or associate, which you absolutely shouldn’t do, and that ride is a clapped-out crapbox, the last thing you should do is use that ride to try running from the cops at high speeds through downtown Charleston. Why he thought he could use that hooptie to get away is beyond us.

Eventually, Young reportedly hit a parked car, jumped out of his stolen piece of junk, and tried running away. When the police chased him down, ran the VIN, and asked him why he was driving a ride that was stolen, Young told them he understood it was a rental. We know Turo is a thing, but who’s renting a dumpster on wheels?

We wonder if he bonded out again?

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