Dodge Charger And Chrysler 300 Involved In Shoot-Out And Crash In Virginia

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Mopar drivers are bringing back the wild west!

A chaotic scene unfolded on a Virginia interstate when three vehicles were involved in a shooting incident and subsequent collision, according to Virginia State Police. The incident occurred Thursday night, leading to significant traffic disruptions and sparking a full-blown investigation.

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Police responded to reports of gunfire on Interstate 64 in Hampton. On arrival, they discovered three vehicles that had been involved in an incident that began with a shooting and ended with a collision.

According to initial findings, a shooting took place between two of the vehicles while they were traveling on the eastbound lanes of the interstate. In the ensuing chaos, both cars collided with a third vehicle that was not involved in the shooting.

The incident resulted in one person being transported to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. However, it remains unclear whether these injuries were caused by the shooting or the crash.

The Virginia State Police have secured the scene and launched a full investigation into the incident. Authorities are working to ascertain the sequence of events and to identify those involved in the shooting. Currently, no suspects have been taken into custody and the motive behind the shooting remains unknown.

Following the incident, the eastbound lanes of Interstate 64 were temporarily closed to allow for investigations and clean-up operations, causing considerable traffic disruptions. The lanes have since been reopened.

Virginia State Police are urging anyone with information regarding this incident to come forward to aid in their ongoing investigation.

This incident underscores the growing concern about gun violence on our highways. Authorities are intensifying efforts to curb such incidents to ensure the safety of motorists on Virginia’s roadways.

Source: Fox5

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