NJ Couple Killed When Their Classic Plymouth Is Rear-Ended

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We hate to see this.

A Jeep Grand Cherokee hit the back end of a 1950s Plymouth on the New Jersey Turnpike the evening of June 11, according to a report from Daily Voice. Sadly, the classic car and SUV burst into flames after the collision and the couple in the Plymouth were killed.

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Both people riding in the more modern Jeep Grand Cherokee only suffered minor injuries.

Authorities shut down the stretch of the New Jersey Turnpike for 4.5 hours while conducting an investigation into exactly what happened.

As we’ve seen countless times now, classic cars are built with different safety standards versus modern vehicles. While cruising around town or out on the open road can be fun in your old hobby car, you need to still be alert and aware of your surroundings. That’s also true as you’re in your daily driver.

Since we don’t know who’s at fault in this accident, we can only speculate about what might have happened. It’s possible the Jeep was following too closely or tailgating the Plymouth. Road rage is also possible, though there are zero indications it was a factor in this incident.

Another possibility is the Plymouth broke down while traveling on the Turnpike. That can be a dangerous situation since other drivers might not understand what’s happening until it’s too late to avoid hitting you.

With warmer weather finally here after a rough winter in many parts of the country, hobbyists are pulling their classic cars out for the first time of the season. Failure to check over everything thoroughly before hitting the freeway or any busy road could lead to a breakdown and accident, so we definitely preach being on the cautious side with your classic that’s been stored over the winter.

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