Thieves Use Dodge Challenger To Carjack Pharmaceutical Delivery Truck

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These two aren’t exactly criminal geniuses.

A Walgreens employee and a friend are accused by Memphis police of planning to carjack a pharmaceutical delivery truck using a stolen Dodge Challenger, according to a report from WREG Memphis. However, Ladarious Shumpert and Torshanaey Smith aren’t exactly the modern Bonnie and Clyde. After all, Bonnie and Clyde were actually hard to catch but these two seem rather unskilled in many things.

Watch a police officer try keeping up with a Dodge Hellcat here.

Smith, who worked for Walgreens, allegedly cooked up the scheme to do a heist on the delivery truck. After all, there’s a street demand for all those drugs and one could make a tidy sum selling them off. She and Shumpert reportedly plotted the whole thing over text message because when you’re going to commit a crime, it’s best to document all your plans for prosecutors later.

The master plan allegedly was to carjack the delivery truck before it reached the Walgreens on April 10. However, Shumpert apparently slept in like the criminal genius and missed the window of opportunity. Then he allegedly did the heist on April 11, using the Mopar muscle car to steal the truck and make off with the goods.

But Shumpert didn’t get far, with police chasing him down and taking him into custody. Police say he gave up Smith and told them how they planned the whole theft scheme over text messages. With a search warrant in hand, investigators were able to see the conversation thread on Shumpert’s phone, including the photos of drugs in totes Smith sent to him.

However, when police arrested Smith, they say he reset her phone, deleting all the text messages. Pure criminal genius right there. Now she’s reportedly facing charges that include Conspiracy to a Carjacking and Tampering with Fabricating Evidence. That’s right, kiddies, if your accomplice hands over all the evidence to police and then you try to destroy it on your end, right in front of cops, you’re going to pick up more charges. They kinda don’t like when you do that.

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