Another Street Takeover Car Has Caught Fire

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Maybe these kids will finally wise up?

According to multiple reports, when police descended on a street takeover event in Stockton, California a fleeing 2018 Ford Mustang caught fire after leading police on a high-speed chase. That apparently sparked a brush fire and with the way things are these days, everyone’s lucky half the state didn’t go up in smoke.

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Before the chase, a deputy allegedly saw the Mustang driver “peel out” right in front of him. Either the guy didn’t see the deputy or he’s under the impression lawlessness reigns supreme in the area. That could explain why street takeovers have become commonplace in California and a handful of other states.

During the chase, the driver lost control of the Mustang since he’s only used to driving in circles in shutdown intersections for TikTok videos. The pony car came to rest in some dry brush, the hot engine sparking a fire that engulfed the car. Oops.

California is the birthplace of street takeovers, or sideshows as some call them, so it seems appropriate that some of the most insane stories come from there. This is the second time we’ve covered recently from the state where a suspect running from a takeover event broken up by law enforcement has caught their vehicle on fire. What gives, California?

We assume the Mustang driver got out okay before his poor little pony was burned alive since California Highway Patrol didn’t say anything further about him. While he was undoubtedly arrested, it’s questionable if he’ll be facing any serious charges or will just be let go with a slap on the wrist, free to participate in tonight’s lineup of street takeovers in the area.

Image via California Highway Patrol

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