Women Aren’t That Into Electric Cars

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Now why would that be?

Sorry EV fanboys, your Tesla, IONIQ 5, Taycan, etc. probably isn’t impressing the ladies. According to an analysis by S&P Global Mobility, far fewer women are attracted to electric vehicles. Female owners make up a far smaller percentage overall than other market segments, with the vast majority of people buying EVs being men.

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The result of that study found Tesla is by far the most popular with women at 33.1% female owners for new vehicle registrations. Coming in a distant second was Polestar at 24.7% women. Perhaps the fresh, Nordic design language helped the Swedish upstart edge out more established brands.

Even more surprisingly, no mainstream car brand cracked the top four, with Lucid in third at 19.5% and Rivian at 14.5%. It’s not entirely clear why women are favoring EV startups over established brands like Volkswagen, Nissan, Ford, etc.

It seems the lack of appeal to women for electric cars is casting a pall on the goal of promoting EVs to the mainstream public. After all, women have a say in the majority of private vehicle purchases and if they don’t feel comfortable with the tech, that could become a vexing obstacle.

Perhaps a woman might be interested in your EV because it might indicate you have money. If that’s the case, your Tesla could be a shining beacon for potential gold diggers, so beware. Just don’t think you’re going to bump into many single females at the local charging station because that’s almost guaranteed to be a wiener party.

Sadly, you’d be more likely to meet chicks by joining your local Mustang club. After all, the little pony car consistently scores well with women who can be some of its most dedicated enthusiasts.

Source: S&P Global Mobility

Images via Ford, Tesla, Rivian

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