Stolen $130,0000 Hellcat Recovered After Epic Tracking Effort

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The owner of this car truly went above and beyond to get it back.

We covered before how a $130,000 Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye Widebody in a unique configuration was stolen in a mere 2 minutes from Comodo Motors in Ken County, Michigan. Usually when an expensive muscle car like this Mopar is stolen from a dealership, it’s reported, then claimed on insurance, the dealer takes a loss, and then they move on. This time the dealer was determined to get the vehicle back.

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The guys who took this Hellcat Redeye knew what they were doing. By climbing under the chassis, they were able to program a new key fob, a move we don’t see too often. Usually, thieves force their way inside the car, then reprogram the ignition to accept a fob they bring along.

Professional car thieves that tricky aren’t easy to track down. The dealer contacted Dodge, which activated the factory GPS tracker, indicating the Mopar was somewhere in northern Michigan, says a report from MLive. After chasing ghosts for a few days, the dealer realized he was getting nowhere.

What he didn’t know was the thieves clipped the antenna, making it impossible for the car to be tracked further. While it looked to be in northern Michigan, in reality it was driving all over the place, maybe to help lose anyone trying to hunt it down.

A lot of people contacted the dealer with tips, but the MLive report says a person in Kentucky came to the dealer with some credible evidence that the Dodge was in the area. At the same time, a law firm working with a PI contacted the dealer to see if they could be of assistance.

After confirming the car was in the Louisville area, the dealer hired a towing company, which for five days tracked it down to a parking garage, finally recovering it. The effort might have been monumental, but the dealer seems to feel it was all worthwhile.

The big takeaway from this story is that if you’re determined enough, you just might find your stolen car. Sure, sometimes they’re almost immediately chopped or put on a boat, but that’s not always the case. Though sheer determination, Comodo Motors got this Hellcat Redeye back with minimal damage, so it is possible.

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