C8 Corvette Driven Into The Caribbean Sea

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How does one do such a thing?

Someone visiting the Aransas Pass area of Texas along the Gulf Coast accidentally drove their 2022 C8 Corvette into the seawater in one of the flats. We guess the guy was mesmerized by the beauty of the area and didn’t realize he needed to closely watch where he was driving. Aransas Pass Police Department says the American sports car drifted further into the water after the driver realized his mistake, and was totally submerged.

This is one of the most ridiculous car crashes we’ve ever seen.

At least the driver got out of the ‘Vette before it got sucked all the way into the water. According to police, the depth at the flats can reach seven feet in spots. Thankfully, the seawater is nice and clear, so finding the mid-engine sports car didn’t prove difficult.

The original incident was sometime during the week of Independence Day. With the help of Tow Boat US, the police department was able to remove the vehicle on July 9. Apparently, the watercraft “drove” the C8 Corvette back to dry land.

Fortunately, police say there was no environmental hazard from the incident. We wouldn’t expect a 2022 Corvette to be leaking fluids, but it’s still great to hear the fish aren’t dealing with a mini oil or gas spill. However, sitting in salt water for a few days surely isn’t going to be good for anything on the car, especially the engine and other mechanicals, not to mention everything electrical.

We can all but guarantee this will be a total loss insurance claim. So someone could pick up this C8 Corvette for really cheap from Copart and deal with the many issues the salt water has undoubtedly created. If the owner wants to get another new C8, he’s going to have to get in the rather long line to wait for his turn once more. At least the guys who were riding in this Chevy during the recovery look like they were having some fun.

Images via Aransas Pass Police Department

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