Ferrari F8 Driver Ruins Cars And Coffee

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Here we go again.

While the name Cars and Coffee might sound benign to many, yet another showoff has ruined one of these gatherings. This time it was a guy in a Ferrari F8 Tributo at the Cypress Cars and Coffee in Texas. Predictably, the guy sent it to show off for the crowd gathered to gawk at all the amazing rides attending the gathering on July 9, only to lose control of his hypercar and wreck out into a median barrier, absolutely destroying the front end. He did all that with a cop right in front of him on the road. Brilliant.

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We’ve seen this type of foolishness play out over and over at all kinds of car meets. While people just want to blame the idiot drivers who showboat while leaving, we think the people in the crowd encouraging them should share the blame. Sure, the drivers should be mature enough to resist peer pressure, but people watching them leave shouldn’t be egging on burnouts, drifts, etc. all because they want to post a cool video to TikTok or Instagram.

Thankfully, this accident didn’t end with a car slamming into a crowd of people, something we’ve seen happen way too often. But when there’s a vehicle crash the police must respond, so this helps pit law enforcement against the organizers of this Cars and Coffee event.

If you don’t remember, other Cars and Coffee gatherings have been shut down in cities because of complaints about the noise and reckless driving as people leave. This has made holding car gatherings increasingly difficult to pull off. A minority of alleged gearheads are giving the rest of us a bad reputation with police, city leaders, and the community in general.

So while some people are laughing and even celebrating this Ferrari F8 Tributo crashing at Cypress Cars and Coffee, we’re concerned. This guy has done serious damage to the hobby we love. And while people are saying he wasn’t hurt and has some Lambos at home so it’s no big deal for him, for the rest of us this could further tarnish the community’s reputation.
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