Dodge Ram Passenger Killed By Airbag

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Don’t drive your Ram until it’s fixed!

Unfortunately, not everyone seems to have heard about the airbag recall for older Dodge Rams. Recently, a passenger was riding in a 2003 Ram when the truck crashed, the airbag went off, and shrapnel from the inflator hit that passenger. Sadly, it was an entirely avoidable death had the owner of the pickup taken it in for the free recall replacement.

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This incident, which happened back on May 13, was the first time that a death has been attributed with a passenger-side Takata airbag. The total number of fatalities from the faulty airbags in the US has now reached 26, according to NHTSA. Now Stellantis, which owns the Dodge and Ram brands today, is taking the opportunity to urge those who haven’t had the recall work done on their vehicles to do just that.

Per Stellantis, the owner of the Dodge Ram had received six recall notices through the mail. Yet the owner ignored them, opting instead of continue using a truck with defective airbag inflators. In a twist of fate, the owner was in the passenger seat and died of injuries from the recalled part.

According to a Stellantis press release, only 2003 Dodge Rams are affected by the Takata airbag recall. Still, the company estimates there are about 29,000 still being operated on public roads. It doesn’t say how many have had the recall work done, but we’re going to guess a good chunk hasn’t.

In the past, Takata airbag injuries have been compared to someone being stabbed repeatedly by a knife. It doesn’t sound like a pleasant way to go, but Stellantis points out that replacement for the inflators, which are what shrapnel and rip through the airbag, have been available for about a decade.

Stellantis is even saying it will provide transportation to anyone having their truck fixed, just in case they don’t have another way to get around. It’s doing everything possible to remove objections and get the rest of the defective airbags replaced.

If you’re wondering whether or not your Dodge Ram or any other vehicle has been recalled, you can check the NHTSA website, call a dealership, or call the automaker directly. Just have the VIN ready and that’s all the information needed.

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