Fort Worth, Texas Police Bust Street Takeover

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More cities need to crack down.

Street takeovers have been a growing problem in this age of a surge of lawlessness. Part of the problem, in our view, is many cities either can’t or won’t do much to prevent them. That’s why it warms our hearts to see police in Fort Worth, Texas busted up a street takeover on July 8, arresting five people.

See how a street takeover in Oakland really got out of hand.

According to the Fort Worth Star Telegram, when police showed up, they saw a Dodge Challenger doing doughnuts in an illegally shutdown intersection while pedestrians filmed the chaos. As soon as officers turned on their emergency lights the Mopar muscle car took off, speeding through the city as a Texas DPS helicopter tracked its movements.

One cop was able to successfully deploy road spikes, and the suspects ditched the Dodge and ran to a nearby Charger, got inside that car, and continued the pursuit. At one point the driver stopped under a an overpass and everyone fled on foot, probably believing they were really smart. Instead, they were all arrested and investigators concluded the Challenger and Charger were stolen. Both cars reportedly had fake license plates.

Color us shocked since we’ve been warning everyone that most of the vehicles used in street takeovers are hot. Police even found a key fob programmer used by these thieves to steal Dodge muscle cars.

Not shockingly, four of those arrested were teenagers. People who participate in street takeovers, either as drivers, passengers, or observers tend to be highly immature. When you think about it that’s not surprising considering how dumb these takeovers are.

Police believe the people who organized this takeover pulled of the chaotic street takeover event held in Austin a few months ago. It’s almost like when one city allows these criminals to get away with street takeovers, they decide to take the show on the road and hit up other cities to spread the chaotic “fun.”

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