Fired Enterprise Rent-A-Car Employee Goes On Rampage

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She wreaked plenty of havoc.

Some people really don’t deal with disappointment well at all, which certainly seems to be the case with 26-year-old Darchun Burks of Cleveland, Ohio. She’s accused of going on a vicious rampage at an Enterprise Rent-A-Car where she formerly worked, allegedly because she was upset about getting fired.

Missouri woman is accused of shooting two people inside a burning Dodge Challenger.

Everything started sometime in June when the rental company reportedly fired Burks, who was accused of stealing one of the rental cars. It seems she harbored ill will towards those she felt wronged her and decided to take revenge. As they say, a woman scorned can act pretty unhinged.

On July 9, police were contacted by the Enterprise location where Burks formerly worked and were notified she had stolen a car and was driving around the lot, hitting other vehicles and even a building. She reportedly had also poured gasoline around the fuel pump area of the facility, then used matches to try starting a fire. We’ll just go out on a limb and guess she was still upset about getting canned.

At least one employee said Burks tried running him over as he thankfully dodged the rental vehicle she was driving. She also allegedly hit a neighboring building with a vehicle and used other rental cars to block the entrance to the lot in an attempt to keep people from leaving or coming in.

When police arrived, they found two Enterprise employees pinning Burks to the ground. She allegedly told them she intentionally sprayed gas all over in an attempt to burn a rental vehicle and that she “came to do exactly what she did.” Hopefully all those incriminating statements were recorded by officers’ badgecams.

Burks was charged with criminal trespassing, two counts of aggravated assault, two counts of felonious assault, 26 counts of grand theft of motor vehicle and 28 counts of vandalism.

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