Camaro Owner’s Son Found In Trunk During Traffic Stop

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Good job by the trooper who carefully sniffed this one out.

Shocking bodycam footage shows a traffic stop of a 2017 Chevy Camaro with the body of the owner’s son in the trunk. It’s the kind of thing you might think only happens on fictional crime shows but is something law enforcement officers dread finding. Thankfully, a Louisiana State Trooper paid close attention to details, leading to the gruesome discovery.

Watch a Camaro driver try losing the police in heavy rain.

At first the traffic stop seemed like so many others. The Camaro was going 73 mph in a 55 zone, something cops encounter often enough. While the trooper was likely weary walking up to the muscle car because officers sometimes are ambushed in that exact scenario, he had no reason to believe there was a dead body stashed in the trunk. Perhaps that’s why he had the driver exit the Chevy and met him between the two cars.

From there, the situation is pretty stereotypical. The suspect isn’t overly combative and it’s revealed he doesn’t have a driver’s license. He claims to not have any weapons on him and says the car belongs to his big brother. The trooper stays calm and asks more questions like if the driver has been smoking weed. Everything is going smoothly.

This kid doesn’t act horribly nervous when the trooper asks if anyone else is with him. The same thing goes for when the trooper inquires about the presence of weed in the car. Either he didn’t realize that could’ve gone in the direction of a full search of the Camaro or he’s just good at being deceptive.

However, the Camaro driver can’t tell the trooper his home address. That starts to raise a little suspicion, so the trooper decides with the admission there’s weed in the car and the aroma present he has probable cause to do a search. Still, the kid doesn’t act horribly nervous even though he has a dead body in the trunk.

The big clue that something’s going on is bullet holes in the quarter glass behind the driver’s door, something the trooper notes as he begins the search. At the minimum he knows someone probably fired on the driver, perhaps while dealing drugs. But the kid tries to deflect to his “brother” when it came to knowledge about the damage.

After making some calls then running the suspect and vehicle’s info, it’s obvious things just aren’t adding up. Instead of rushing to conclusions, the trooper is smart and takes his time processing everything. But when a man pulls up with a family member of the Camaro’s owner on the phone, things start adding up a little more.

Determining the son of the Camaro owner has been reported missing, the trooper keeps digging into the situation, realizing he shouldn’t let the suspect and car go quickly. Talking it over with another member of law enforcement, walking around the car, the trooper notices something he missed before: a shoelace end sticking out beyond where the trunk lid meets the back glass. And that’s when the trooper decides to pop the trunk, revealing the horrific truth.
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