Two Killed In Fiery Corvette Crash

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Drive safe, everyone!

We love high-performance cars and the feeling you get from goosing them, however we also understand that public roads are not places to really push the envelope. Unfortunately, the temptation to “drive it like you stole it” while zipping down a freeway can be too much for some people. That might help explain a fiery crash involving a Corvette on the Staten Island Expressway which claimed the lives of the driver and passenger.

Canadian police recommend installing retractable driveway bollards.

Multiple reports indicate the crash, which happened on the night of September 3, involved the driver of the Corvette losing control and hitting a lane barrier near Hylan Boulevard. Some reports say the sports car also hit a pickup truck that was on the freeway.

After it crashed, the ‘Vette burst into flames, which you can see from a distance in the included video. Of all the ways to die, this doesn’t sound great in the least.

Information about who was in the ‘Vette is different for just about every local news source. One claims the driver was a 21-year-old woman and the passenger was a 22-year-old woman, another says the driver was the same age but a man, others switch the ages of the passenger and driver, etc.

Any way you cut it, the driver and passenger were both young and died at the scene, which is tragic.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in just having fun when you’re out with friends late at night. However, a high-powered car, even with all the modern electronic assists, is something you have to keep reigned in or the results can be catastrophic.

Your life, the lives of your passengers, and the lives of everyone else on the road depend on you driving safely. Sadly, one bad move can end in tragedy.

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