California Police Try Getting Tough On Street Takeovers

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California Highway Patrol Stockton was talking tough before this past weekend about showing zero tolerance for street takeovers or sideshow events. That’s funny because we’ve always thought law enforcement everywhere shouldn’t let groups of punks take over intersections or stretches of busy highway so they can do donuts and other “tricks” for their buddies to film and post on social media.

See a street takeover car that caught on fire here.

What this seems to indicate is that before CHP Stockton and other law enforcement agencies in the area were at least somewhat tolerant of these takeovers. That’s actually quite telling and should help everyone to understand why the illegal gatherings haven’t been quashed.

In fact, it seems the frequency and even size of the street takeover gatherings in California as well as certain US cities are magnifying. That’s right, more people are breaking the law and encouraging others to break the law. It’s a domino effect of social consequences that’s resulted in more violence and not shockingly more crime.

When a street takeover or sideshow, which appropriately always makes us think of clowns, is held there’s more than just smokey donuts going on. The pop-up gatherings that are almost like flash mobs often attract human trafficking, drug deals, shootings, and other violence.

What’s more, quite a few spectators get hit by the cars as they try standing close by to get the sickest angle for their TikTok account. It’s a concoction of stupidity mixed with sometimes a lethal does of danger.

Everyone can debate about why CHP Stockton and other law enforcement agencies haven’t shown zero tolerance for street takeovers in the past. We’re just glad they’re finally admitting they’ve been holding back on snuffing these gatherings out entirely.

Images via CHP Stockton

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