Tennessee Man Catches Serial Carjacker

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The carjacker targeted the wrong victim.

A man in Memphis, Tennessee fought back after an 18-year-old carjacker tried to take his Dodge Charger at a gas station. Unfortunately, gas stations are common hunting grounds for carjackers, reader beware this danger, but in this case the intended victim was able to not only fight back but trap the would-be carjacker until police arrived.

Yet another 12-year-old carjacker has been caught in Washington, D.C.

As detailed out in a Miami Herald report, the 18-year-old approached the man at the gas station on September 3, produced a gun, and demanded the Dodge Charger. Instead of just giving up, the victim fought back as the carjacker started to climb in the Mopar.

The two struggled for control of the gun, which discharged a round into the Charger’s interior. Considering the reputation of Dodges lately, that might actually increase its aftermarket value.

Eventually, the victim was able to overpower the 18-year-old, pinning him to the ground until police showed up on the scene. What’s truly amazing was after he was arrested and we’re assuming Mirandized, the carjacker kid told police he carjacked a woman back on August 31.

In that previous incident, a woman lost her Nissan Rogue when she was grabbed as she was about to get into the vehicle, a gun was pressed to her head, and the 18-year-old suspect told police he grabbed her phone so she couldn’t call for help. Why he ratted on himself is a mystery, but we’re willing to bet he’s carjacked plenty of other people before.

Carjackings have become incredibly common in certain areas, including Memphis. If you don’t believe us, peruse the police department social media account for there or quite a few other cities and you’ll see countless carjacking suspects’ faces plastered all over, and those are only a fraction of the carjackings that take place in those cities.

It’s easy to see why police feel overwhelmed, especially after their budgets were slashed so there are fewer cops fielding more criminal cases than before.

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