Dodge Charger Carjackers Fleeing Police Cause Fatal Accident

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And some people are blaming the whole thing on police.

A woman is dead after suspects in a stolen Dodge Charger entered a busy Houston intersection at a high speed, obliterating other vehicles. Police were in pursuit of the muscle car, so predictably some people are leveling attacks at the department by trying to blame the whole situation on law enforcement and no the criminals. However, Houston Police Chief Troy Finner isn’t taking the criticism sitting down.

Watch an innocent driver’s tires accidentally get spiked by police.

After a woman had her Dodge Charger carjacked on the night of September 6, she was able to use the GPS tracker to pinpoint its location the following day. Police officers spotted the Mopar but the driver, probably spooked at seeing police cruisers, took off at a high rate of speed through the southeast portion of Houston.

The officers who originally spotted the Charger lost sight of the car, and Chief Troy Finner said police terminated the pursuit while staying in the area. Just minutes later, the stolen Dodge slammed into two other vehicles in an intersection.

In the chaotic aftermath, two people were rushed to the hospital. However, a woman died on the scene. It was announced later she was the mother of a Houston police sergeant.

What’s horrible is some trying to say that police will now finally feel the pain they cause by chasing after suspects, twisting the facts of the terminated pursuit. It’s also the same argument laid down constantly that people who run from cops bear zero responsibility for any harm done as a result because somehow police are fully responsible.

We’ve seen quite a few criminals wreck out at high speeds in stolen cars while traveling through cities that have strict no-chase policies. If such incidents were always the fault of police, such things would never happen.

Thankfully, Houston Police Chief Troy Finner is taking a more measured approach to the problem. While he said the department will be reviewing its chase policy, he emphasized that the Texas legislature needs to understand how serious the problem of people running from law enforcement has become. He’s not the only one who’s been calling for tougher punishments for fleeing, but it’s easy to see why the idea is gaining momentum.

In this case, the suspects repeatedly showed no regard for others’ lives. They held a woman at gunpoint to take her car. One wrong move and they could’ve ended her life in an instant. Then they chose to drive recklessly at high speeds in the city, causing a fatal accident. Those were the choices of the suspects, not the police. Normal people don’t hit the accelerator when an officer turns on their emergency lights and gets behind them. This trend needs to be curbed.

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