Family’s Stolen Ford Truck Tests Positive For Meth And Fentanyl

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This is yet another concern about having your car stolen.

Having a car stolen is far more than just an inconvenience, it can feel like a complete violation. However, just because you later get it back without any obvious damage, that doesn’t necessarily mean the nightmare’s over. Sadly, a family in the state of Washington found this out the hard way after their Ford F-350 was stolen and recovered.

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At first the family was relieved to finally have their beloved pickup truck back, reports local news station Fox 13. However, that relief vanished once the husband and two children started getting headaches, stomachaches, and had trouble sleeping.

That’s the wife’s friend suggested they get the 2002 Ford F-350 tested for drugs. That probably sounds like a joke to some, but considering the population that generally steals cars, it’s actually not a bad idea. So the husband arranged for a company to test the vehicle and they waited anxiously for the results.

It turned out the trace levels of meth in the Ford were eight times the national safe exposure limits. When it came to trace fentanyl, those were twice the recommended levels. It was no wonder the family was experiencing so many odd health side effects. Thankfully, none of those were life-threatening.   

When your car is stolen and recovered, as long as it hasn’t been crashed, parted out, and is otherwise seemingly in good condition you might forget in your elation that someone was transporting dangerous drugs inside it. This is a key item to remember lest you fall into a similar situation as this family.

As noted in the Fox 13 report, the family in this case feels the insurance company dropped the ball when it didn’t have the truck tested for drugs. They claim the company usually does that, but in their case it inexplicably didn’t. If your stolen car has been recovered in good condition, ask your insurance company about having it tested for drugs. Even if the insurance company won’t pay for it, you might want to bear the expense yourself, just in case.

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