Georgia Woman Steals Ambulance, Runs From Cops

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Why do people keep stealing ambulances?

A woman in Georgia has been arrested after she allegedly stole an ambulance, leading Monroe County Sheriff’s Office deputies on a high-speed chase for nearly 50 miles. We don’t know what’s going on lately, but there’s been a trend of people stealing ambulances and running from police, causing all kinds of mayhem on public roads.

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This particular incident started at about 1:20 am on September 19 when Henry County called Monroe County Sheriff’s Office for help finding a stolen ambulance. Deputies spotted the emergency vehicle traveling south on I-75 on its way to Macon, so they tried getting the driver to pull over. Instead, 58-year-old Andrea Bryant sped up, according to Fox 5 Atlanta.

During the chase, Bryant allegedly pushed the boxy ambulance to speeds upwards of 88 mph as she exited I-75 onto I-475. Deputies thankfully were able to use Stop Sticks, successfully deflating two of the tires.

About a mile down the road, Bryant realized the ambulance was slowing and so she stopped, taking off on foot. We can’t imagine many 58-year-olds would be formidable in a foot chase, so it’s no surprise she was quickly caught and arrested.

Now Bryant is facing a string of charges and gets a nice room at the county jail.

What we want to know but isn’t included in any of the reports is how Bryant was able to steal the ambulance in the first place? And what was going through her mind? An ambulance is a pretty conspicuous vehicle, so you can’t exactly blend in with the crowd while making your getaway.

What is it with stealing ambulances and leading the cops on a high-speed chase lately? It’s a weird trend we really don’t understand. With the way things have been going lately, we think it won’t be long before another of these stories surfaces.

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