Hit-And-Run California Jeep Driver Not Arrested

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The reason why might shock you.

The driver of a Jeep Wrangler hit a Chevy Cobalt parked in a residential driveway in Clovis, California with the whole incident caught on surveillance footage. However, the driver of the Jeep took off, leaving a woman wondering what happened to her car.

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Just imagine sitting at home, minding your own business when you hear someone crash into your car that’s sitting in the driveway. Only when you go outside to see what the commotion is all about, you find your damaged vehicle and a neighbor saying the personal responsible took off.

That’s exactly what the owner of the Cobalt faced back on September 12, as reported by Fox 26. After the news shared surveillance footage of the accident, which we’ve included for you to view, the Clovis Police Department was able to identify the Jeep driver.

However, that driver wasn’t arrested because the victim decided to not press charges. The report doesn’t indicate why, perhaps because the owner of the Cobal didn’t want to say. We find the whole situation to be curious, to say the least.

The Chevy owner called the police to report the crime, but that’s required by insurance carriers before you can file a claim. Maybe she just wanted to deal with the matter civilly after learning something about the Jeep driver? There are many possibilities but zero answers.

We missed the actual collision the first time watching the home surveillance footage mostly because of the crazy stripes on the Toyota Highlander in the foreground. If you pay attention to the background, right at the top of the frame, you’ll see the Wrangler with trailer in tow pull into the driveway, hit the car at low speed, then reverse and drive away slowly at first, then accelerating away from the scene of the crash.

Check out the video for yourself.

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