Woman Smoking Blows Up Her Dodge Charger

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How does this even happen?

A woman was in her Dodge Charger for about 30 seconds in Charlotte, North Carolina, having lit a cigarette, when an explosion blew out the windows, seriously injuring her and starting a raging fire. The shocking incident has led many to question how such a thing could happen.

Did a trooper arrest the wrong Dodge Charger driver?

Cars don’t just suddenly explode like this, even with someone smoking inside. But a report from WSOC indicates the source of the explosion came from a propane tank that was left in the Mopar’s trunk. All it took was the fumes to come into contact with the cigarette and the result was devastating.

Surveillance footage shows the woman get out of the Charger after the explosion. She suffered serious third-degree burns but hopefully will recover. The car afterwards caught fire and burned hot, catching the house on fire as well. The woman lived with her children, but family has helped them relocate and move any items that survived the inferno.

A neighbor was home when the explosion rang out. He described it as powerful enough to shake everything. While another man used a fire extinguisher to try putting out the car, the blaze was too powerful and quickly spread to the house.

Any fuel container is dangerous to leave inside a vehicle for longer than it takes to transport to wherever you need to go. It’s also obviously dangerous to have any open flame inside your car while moving a container of fuel. Rolling down the windows so any fumes can escape isn’t a bad idea. We want to remind readers of how cautious they need to be in these situations because as you can see in the video, such an explosion and fire is incredibly sudden and destructive.

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