Watch Ohio Police Chase Suspect’s Truck Through Several Yards

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This guy bought a whole truck and he’s using the whole truck!

Some criminals really don’t want to be caught by the cops so they’ll do literally anything to get away. That kind of seems the case with this guy driving a Ford F-150 through yards, empty lots, and business’ lawns in Dayton, Ohio. But at the same time, it’s like watching a kid who “accidentally” keeps falling into mud puddles because it’s fun or something.

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We get it, once you get the taste of driving through someone’s front yard to get away from the police it’s like eating one Pringles chip. Supposedly you just can’t help yourself at that point, at least if you’re criminally inclined or something. We wouldn’t really know.

As this guy tries running from a sergeant who tries pulling him over, he at first goes through a yard in a somewhat strategic manner. Then he cuts a corner by speeding through an empty lot, narrowly missing some pedestrians.

Later, he’s driving across business’ lawns a few feet from the road, so it’s no longer an advantage. It’s like the guy has just decided to have as much “fun” as he can before getting taken into custody. Again, it’s similar to watching a kid pretending they keep falling into mud puddles. They think they’re pulling the wool over your eyes, but you know it’s an act because they think getting dirty is fun.

Not shockingly, continuously swerving into areas that aren’t paved road comes with bad consequences. This guy ends up smashing his Ford against a utility pole that was planted in some grass. Obviously, city planners didn’t realize he would need to drive through there without obstruction. And this is how criminals are victimized by the system, everyone.

Also not shocking, this guy was arrested and charged with two counts of murder and three or felonious assault. Perhaps that’s why he just wanted to help burn everything down?

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