Fisherman Reels In Stolen Nissan Altima

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This big fish didn’t get away.

We can’t believe that with all the cars hauled out of bodies of water in the past few years, people are finding more. The latest is Rachel Jones who was fishing in a pond in Hanover County, Viriginia when she spotted part of a Nissan Altima poking out of the murky green water.

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Whoever stashed the stolen Nissan was using Big Altima Energy, because they dumped it in depths which weren’t enough to completely hide the vehicle. Jones told local news station WAVY couldn’t believe what she was seeing but called Hanover County Sheriff’s Office and deputies brought in a dive team to retrieve the sedan.

To the shock of nobody, after running the VIN deputies found the Nissan was reported stolen. Now let the debate begin if this was a case of insurance fraud, something certain people think is always the case, or if the thieves used the Altima to commit some crimes, then dumped the car to erase forensic evidence. Investigators no doubt are busy trying to puzzle through the possibilities.

It’s not entirely clear how long the Altima was sitting in the pond, only that authorities believe it was underwater “for quite some time.” Why someone would dump it in such a small pond remains a mystery, too. Many of these dumped cars remain a mystery.

We’ve seen cases of cars dumped in all kinds of bodies of water, some of them staying submerged for decades before being discovered. Many times, modern fish finders’ sonar alerts fishermen to their presence, which seems to have fueled many of the discoveries. This case is so different because the car was just sticking partially out of the water, perhaps because the pond shrunk somewhat since the Nissan had been rolled into it.

Images via Hanover County Sheriff’s Office

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