Australian Police Chase Goes For Two Hours

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If you’re thinking super long police chases are just a thing in Los Angeles, that’s actually not the case. We honestly were shocked to learn a reportedly two-hour-long chase took place in the Sydney, Australia area. Not only were several police cars apparently damaged during the pursuit, the 29-year-old suspect reportedly has never had a driver’s license.

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The Australian car market is quite different from the one in North America and the chase footage shared by 9 News Australia makes that clear. After all, the vehicle that was used by the suspect to flee for a couple hours is a minivan of all things.

You don’t really see chases with MPVs (multi-purpose vehicles) here in the US ever and for plenty of rather good reasons. Apparently, it’s just not that odd in Australia otherwise the media there would be hooting and hollering about the chase. Or at least they would’ve noted the odd vehicle choice.

You can see in the footage that the vehicle has to squeeze through some tight spots, doing serious damage. It even looks like the front passenger door was torn off at some point but later it’s shown the door and hood are a different color than the rest of the body. Parts of the bumper can be heard dragging on the road, and yet the thing just keeps going.

It’s even noted the vehicle has two flat tires after that. We’re always amazed at the determination of some people to get away. But the police helicopter was tracking the suspect’s every move.

The driver isn’t named in the report, but we feel like there has to be some backstory about being 29 and not ever having a license, yet leading police on a two hour chase. When the news crew caught up with the vehicle after the driver was arrested, the female passenger was apparently still inside. Here in the US that minivan would’ve been towed and the passenger at least dropped off somewhere. Australia can be very odd to us Americans, and we’re sure the converse is true.

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