Mercedes Fleeing Los Angeles Police Crashes Into Fiery Mess

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We’ve seen other people theorize that Los Angeles isn’t just the inspiration for the Grand Theft Auto video game franchise but that it’s now a server in the game. Incidents like this one where a suspect fleeing in a Mercedes, lights out, crashed into a fireball only adds fuel to such accusations.

Watch a man use his Mercedes G-Wagon to wreck 30 other cars here.

According to KCAL News, the person who was driving that Mercedes was wanted for assault on a deputy in East Los Angeles. In an attempt to get away, you can see the black car blast past a camera crew on the freeway, police not too far behind trying to catch up.

At some point during the chase, California Highway Patrol was able to successfully spike the tires on the Mercedes. After that, the suspect lost control, rolled the vehicle, and it burst into flame. We don’t know what is with Mercedes and devastating fires lately, but there’s some mini trend there.

The suspect did crawl out of the Mercedes and tried running away, but was chased down quickly. He reportedly had zero injuries. Guy was lucky he didn’t turn into barbecue.

Ultimately, the lesson here is if you do something against the law, don’t run from police. Maybe it seems like a great idea and it’s glamorized sometimes, but fleeing not only adds to your criminal charges (in most places it’s a felony) it’s also incredibly dangerous. When you’re going that fast and there are other vehicles on the road, things can happen so fast you don’t have time to react. And at those speeds your chances of survival drop dramatically.

Plus, if you think you did nothing wrong, surrender to police, lawyer up, and fight in court. Don’t run from cops, it only makes you look guilty and reckless.

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