Mercedes EV Burns Florida Home

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This happens too often.

A family has lost their home after a loaner Mercedes electric car they parked in the garage sparked a raging inferno. The Nocatee, Florida house has been declared a total loss as the devastated family packs up their belongings, regretting ever parking the EV anywhere near their abode, as reported by local station News4JAX. This is a sad scene we’ve seen play out in person and one that happens all too often.

Used electric car prices are falling rapidly.

You can see in the video report of the fire, which we’ve included, the heat from the blaze was so intense the house’s soffit all along the front has been warped and is hanging down like some death shroud. The homeowner says the structure might have to be rebuilt but they definitely have to move out as the home is no longer habitable. All this from the 2023 Mercedes-Benz EQE 350+ sitting in the garage for just 22 hours.

The EV was a loaner given to the homeowner while her personal Mercedes was being repaired. She claims the electric car was just sitting in the garage, not being charged, when it spontaneously combusted. Her husband heard some hissing and popping, opened, the garage door, and was hit with a wall of smoke. Video shows just how intense the inferno was before firefighters arrived and it’s no wonder the house is a goner. Thankfully, nobody was hurt or worse.

“I could be biased, I don’t think they’re ready for market,” the homeowner said, referring to the Mercedes EV. “I can’t speak for all of them (EVs) but I would not recommend buying one anytime soon.”

We can’t blame the woman for questioning if electric cars are ready for mass adoption. After all, she’s technically homeless because one likely malfunctioned.

While internal combustion engine cars do spark fires, electric vehicle blazes are by nature hotter and more intense. Firefighters have trouble putting them out and keeping EVs from reigniting, a real risk for days afterward. We know this angers EV advocates, but it’s a problem that shouldn’t be ignored.

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