Car Drives Off Hill And Flips In San Francisco

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Just what’s the deal with San Francisco these days?

People are amazed to see surveillance footage of a car that sped down a dead-end street in San Francisco, only to plunge down the hill and onto a street below, ultimately flipping onto its roof. The people who were inside the vehicle didn’t stick around but instead immediately took off, leaving some people perplexed.

Are Kia and Hyundai the new car theft scapegoats?

A bystander who rushed over to help the people in the flipped car told CBS News Bay Area that one of them, a red head woman, was yelling at the others that they had only three minutes until the police arrived, urging them to hurry. He said one of the men was bloody but had a “full face mask.” This sounds like some sort of robbery getaway, a common occurrence in San Francisco these days.

The four people who emerged from the car crash reportedly were busy gathering bags before they ran off. Apparently nobody followed them, which might have been a wise move since criminals are often armed and willing to hurt you to get away.

Police say they haven’t been able to locate the people who were inside the car that plunged off the hillside. Something tells us they don’t want to be found and for good reason. They reportedly ran back up the stairs and disappeared. No report indicates if the car was stolen or not, but we’re going to guess it was considering how easily the people abandoned it. Criminals usually don’t use their own rides to go rob a business and for good reason.

Ultimately, it’s a miracle the car that was flipped over didn’t have its very accessible catalytic converter stolen before police arrived on scene. We’ve seen thieves work plenty fast on a vehicle that’s upright, so seeing one belly-up had to have been quite the temptation.

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