US Congressman Carjacked In Washington, DC

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United States Representative Henry Cuellar, a Democrat from Texas, was carjacked at gunpoint on the night of October 2. While many immediately made the incident about partisan politics, it’s thankfully shining a light on how common carjackings in Washington, D.C. and far too many other cities in the US have become.

Watch thieves carjack an Aston Martin from the owner in his garage here.

Cuellar was just getting out of his Toyota C-HR when three individuals approached him. Two brandished guns. Instead of relying on the black belt the Congressman says he has earned, he handed over his car keys and complied.

Not shockingly, Cuellar said the three guys all looked to be young. They were wearing masks. Many carjackers we’ve seen caught are minors recruited by theft rings because they know kids will get leniency when taken to court.

Thankfully, the Toyota, keys, and Cuellar’s phone that was inside were all recovered within a couple of hours. He credits Metro and Capital Police for the quick return. As a member of Congress, we think he enjoys preferential treatment and so didn’t endure the indifference so many carjacking and car theft victims face in the aftermath.  

This carjacking could’ve easily happened to someone other than Representative Cuellar. After all, the guy wasn’t driving anything flashy. It could’ve been a mom picking up her kids from after school activities, a young dad on his way home from work, a young college student just leaving campus – the list goes on.

With all the armed carjackings, people are going to get hurt, even if they following Representative Cuellar’s advice and just comply. After all, some criminals love to see people suffer for whatever reasons. Something, if not multiple things, needs to be done about this growing problem.

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