Report: US Government Drops $100 Million To Fix EV Chargers

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A new report indicates the Biden Administration, though the Department of Transportation, is dropping a whopping $100 million in taxpayer money to fix or replace defunct EV chargers across the nation. This news comes at a time when we’re seeing a decrease in market interest for EVs and UAW has leveled scorching criticism of the government push toward electrification.

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According to investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson, this rather expensive project is part of the Biden Administraiton’s Justice40 Initiative, which helps push projects for “disadvantaged communities.” That means many of the charger repairs or replacements will be done in lower-income areas.

It’s interesting to note that some EV chargers have been damaged by thieves who steal charging cables, among other equipment, thanks to their high value on the scrap metal market. It’s not indicated in the report if any of the chargers slated for repair or replacement have been vandalized, but it wouldn’t surprise us to learn a fair number of them fall in this category.

If that’s the case, thieves could strike again immediately after the repairs or replacements have been made. In other words, this is just pouring taxpayer dollars right into the pockets of thieves.

Another detail worth noting: electric cars enjoy few users in low-income areas. It could have something to do with the high prices of most EVs, not just that there are few working charging stations near where they live.

But don’t worry, all the money spent on these chargers is being tracked meticulously using the White House Climate and Economic Justice Screen Tool, which focuses on measuring the impact these types of “green” projects have on low-income, minority neighborhoods.

In other words, you can trust the government isn’t wasting the money you must pay under penalty of law.

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