Watch Stolen Car Suspects Brake Check Arkansas Police

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When someone runs from the cops, their adrenaline must be absolutely surging, which might explain why people do some incredibly risky things like brake checking a police car. Some suspects in a Ford F-350 did just that as Arkansas State Police were only a few feet from their bumper while going close to 100 mph.

See an Arkansas State Trooper get close to the infamous Blackout Dodge Charger here.

You might think brake checking a cop is funny or even a good strategy in a situation like this. But it’s a bad idea for three obvious reasons.

First off, when vehicles collide at high speeds in wet conditions like in the video, they can get a little squirrely and unpredictable. Sure, the suspects’ Ford most definitely weighs more than the police vehicle, but both cars could’ve shot off in wild directions after impact.

Then there’s the immediate surroundings of the two vehicles. Namely, they’re both right next to a semi-truck and trailer. If either one or both were to veer into that big rig, the results could be catastrophic and easily fatal.

Finally, pickup trucks like this one aren’t known for handling like a Porsche 911, thanks in part to their high center of gravity. The likelihood the truck could’ve rolled had the trooper slammed into the rear bumper was pretty high, especially in the wet conditions. And with the semi next to it, that could’ve been even worse.

We’re not sure about the laws in Arkansas, but it’s possible you could rack up an extra charge just by brake checking a law enforcement officer who’s pursuing you. But these suspects had felony warrants and were wanted for a string of thefts including cars, guns, and tools across several states. Plus, two of them were convicted felons, so they’re obviously experts on not making good life choices.

The trooper tried a PIT maneuver after getting brake checked, but was unsuccessful. Then the suspects tried brake checking him again, but he was ready for that little move. Traffic congestion sent the suspects’ truck veering off onto the muddy shoulder and onto a side road. As officers and state troopers swarmed the area, the suspects hit one police vehicle before driving into a field and getting their truck stuck. A foot chase ensued but everyone who was in the truck was arrested. Sadly, these people will probably keep making bad life choices.

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    He tried to brake check him into the big rig. This looked like a family outing. I have a white truck that looks exactly like that one, and I know 4 wheel drive would have saved them all. Too bad they got smashed up.

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