Dodge Charger Hits A City Bus And Loses

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For reasons that aren’t apparent at this time, the driver of a Dodge Charger blasted through a stop sign in Long Beach, California on November 9 and collided with a city bus. The impact was so violent that the car and bus both crashed into a building, the Dodge ending up inside.

Learn how a man was found alive three hours after he was thrown clear of a horrific car crash.

This shows that even if you’re doing everything right on the road, like the bus driver was doing, all it takes is someone else to mess up and you can suddenly be in a world of hurt. In this case, sadly 12 people were injured, ranging in condition from mild injuries to critical.

Thankfully, OnScene TV was able to not only capture the aftermath of this horrific car crash but also surveillance footage of the collision and witness video of the chaotic scene right after. You can see first responders administering first aid to multiple people as they wait to be transported to the hospital.

As the tow truck company was loading the Charger onto the wrecker, the back end burst into flames. It’s possible the gas tank ruptured, considering how mangled the rest of the car was from the collision. Thankfully nobody was inside it when the blaze suddenly ignited.

While we don’t know exactly what caused this crash, which could’ve been anything from distracted driving to a medical episode, this is a great reminder to always be ready for anything on the road. An unexpected maneuver from another car could require you to make a split-second decision, so you need to be keeping your eyes on everything around you instead of looking at your infotainment screen.

We hope everyone involved in this accident is able to recover from their injuries and move forward with life.

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