Stolen Dodge Challenger Crashes And Burns In Memphis

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Memphis, Tennessee has been the scene of some pretty crazy car-related crimes lately, including a street takeover where people hung out of muscle car windows while brandishing rifles, plus carjackers threatening to murder children. The city is back on our radar after a suspect in a stolen Dodge Challenger crashed and burned in most glorious fashion, like something out of a 90s action flick.

Watch a Dodge Challenger go flying into a canal.

During a chase with Memphis police, both the Mopar muscle car and a police Dodge Charger “crashed onto railroad tracks” reports WREG. Until now, we had no idea it was possible to do that. We’ve heard of cars getting stuck on railroad tracks but never have we heard of cars crashing onto them.

This crazy sequence of events started around midnight on November 6 when the suspect, using a gun, carjacked the Challenger from a woman. Police got the call and the chase ensued. At some point, both the police cruiser and the stolen Dodge careened off the road, landing on the railroad tracks, so not at the crossing, bringing the car chase to a close.

That’s when the Challenger burst into flames and reportedly was gutted by the fire. The carjacking suspect must’ve gotten out in time, or was dragged out by the cop, because he only sustained minor injuries. Sadly, it’s doubtful the guy will be grateful for that.

Meanwhile, the officer was uninjured and his cruiser only had front end damage. You can see in the image it was taken away on a wrecker. Sadly, the woman who was carjacked now gets to go through not only the trauma of being held at gunpoint by a criminal but also filing a total loss insurance claim.

Sadly, we see so many crazy stories like this lately it’s hard to even cover them all. These kinds of incidents, especially armed carjackings, were rare just four years ago but now are happening all the time. It almost seems like most people have just accepted this as the new reality and that’s the truly frightening part.

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