Bystander Helps Victim Chase Down Memphis Carjackers

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People are getting sick of all the crime.

Memphis, Tennessee is a city that’s been plagued by all kinds of crime, including carjackings. Some people are getting fed up with the lack of a solution to the growing problems, which might explain why a perfect stranger gave a lift to a guy who had his Dodge Charger stolen, chasing down that boosted car.

Carjackers strike when you’re most vulnerable.

According to a report from local station WREG, the incident went down on the evening of August 13. A man was at a gas station sitting in his Charger when three men walked up to his car. One pulled out a gun, ordering him out of the Dodge. The guy did as he was told and the suspects drove away.

Then the victim flagged down a complete stranger, who willingly followed the stolen Mopar while the victim called police. They stayed on the suspects until police showed up and the chase was really on.

Eventually, the suspects crashed the Charger in front of a car dealership, then jumped out and ran away on foot. Officers chased down one of the passengers, finding a gun on him. Hopefully they get the other two suspects and prosecutors throw the book at them, although sadly we doubt that last item will happen.

This story is a great reminder to always be aware of your surroundings, especially when sitting in a parked car. You’re actually incredibly vulnerable when your car is parked and off, but most people have this misconception that they’re somehow protected from the outside world. This is why many safety experts don’t recommend just sitting in your car, especially in dark parking lots or anywhere prone to crime.

Had the victim been more vigilant, seeing three guys walking up to his vehicle would’ve been a warning and perhaps he could’ve simply driven away. Carjackers often prey on your feeling of comfort and safety, a horrible reality everyone should keep in mind.

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