Florida Man Throws Rock Through Driver’s Window

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Road rage is bad everywhere.

Whenever we talk to people who live in different parts of the country about road rage, almost every time we’re told where those people live is the worst spot in the nation. Our unscientific conclusion is road rage is a problem all over the place. We see stories about serious, sometimes fatal incidents constantly, but this one out of Florida where a man threw a rock through another man’s windshield is especially shocking.

A rock throw at a car in Colorado killed a woman earlier this year.

Yes, this is yet another Florida Man story because it went down in Flagler County with the sheriff’s office providing the details. According to them, 32-year-old Peter Cicacci-Blackwell got into some sort of road rage incident with another driver. After stopping at a red light, Cicacci-Blackwell threw a rock through the open passenger window of the other driver’s vehicle.

Thankfully, he didn’t score a direct hit on the other driver. Instead, the golf ball-sized projectile hit the windshield, then the dash, before impacting the driver’s face. Had it not ricocheted off those other objects, that rock throw could’ve done serious damage, maybe even killed. Instead, deputies found the victim had a minor injury.

They were able to track down Cicacci-Blackwell and provide him with some nice shiny bracelets as well as a ride to a big building for fingerprinting and portrait photography. In other words, he was arrested for Throwing a Missile into a Vehicle, Criminal Mischief, and Battery – Simple. After posting a $16,500 bond he was released, but his legal drama is only getting started.

We obviously don’t know what led up to the rock throwing. But we do know many victims of road rage make things worse by escalating the situation for any number of reasons. Don’t be that guy.

The takeaway here is if someone else on the road does something infuriating or stupid, just let it slide. If they do something dangerous and illegal, take down their info and call 911. Don’t try to confront them, lay on your horn, or escalate things further. There are some truly unhinged individuals out there who will throw rocks at other drivers or worse.

Images via Flagler County Sheriff’s Office

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