Stolen Car Used To Commit Other Crimes

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We love when people suddenly have an epiphany and realize stolen cars are sometimes used to commit other crimes, even violent offenses. Just such a moment occurred when Fox 13 Memphis recently covered the case of an Infiniti Q60 with a unique bumper sticker which has been connected to several crimes after it was stolen.

Watch what one man did with a stolen government SUV.

Originally, the Infiniti was stolen on November 8, say police. It wasn’t recovered until November 12, found abandoned at a hotel with several bullet holes in the driver’s side, blood on the driver’s seat, and a broken sunroof, according to the report. So it was almost certainly used in at least one violent altercation.

The blue sedan was easy to pick out thanks to the large bumper sticker reading “Don’t follow me, I do crazy s***.” Thanks to that distinguishing characteristic, police were able to connect it to at least two robberies at gas pumps in Memphis.

There’s little doubt the Q60 was used in the commission of other crimes. Perhaps the police investigation will determine what some of those were. Surveillance footage from the hotel did show two men get out of it, one carrying an AR-15-style rifle. We were expecting an AK-74 so that’s shocking.

What isn’t shocking to us is the fact a stolen car was used in the commission of burglaries and who knows what else. Many car thieves use already stolen cars to drive up to other cars and steal those. This is why capturing the license plate doesn’t lead police back to the thieves’ house. Same goes for drive-bys and other crimes. Criminals might be dumb, but most know not to use their own car to do something illegal.

Car theft helps fuel other crimes, including criminals selling stolen cars to finance their other illegal activities.

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