Fatal Hit-And-Run Driver Caught At Mexican Border

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A man who hit and killed a motorcyclist in the San Fernando Valley in California went on the lam, disappearing from the scene and consequences of his actions. However, authorities learned he was trying to slip out of the US and were able to catch him at the Mexican border, ensuring he will face justice.

A tarantula caused a serious crash in Death Valley.

As originally covered by KTLA, 31-year-old Sandro Edgardo Mendieta was caught by authorities near the border, although the report doesn’t specify if it was at a legit border crossing or just in the middle of the desert.

He was driving a 1992 BMW you see in the picture back on November 9 when he collided with another man in his late 50s who was on a Harley-Davidson. While the motorcyclist was declared dead at the scene, Mendieta decided to literally run away and dodged police for a while.

Now Mendieta has been charged with murder and is being held with $2.03 million bail. We’re surprised he could potentially bail out after running.

Video footage of the fatal crash, which we’ve shared so you can see it play out for yourself, shows the motorcyclist turn left out of a parking lot onto a road. He’s masked by a full-size truck turning right into the parking lot, but you can also tell Mendieta is speeding big time when he hit the other man.

We’re glad Mendieta will be facing at least some consequences for what happened, but we wonder what exactly those will be. In the meantime, this is yet another reminder to drive or ride aggressively defensive since other people on the road might not be even paying attention.

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